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Wenzhou Nanxing Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly known as "Wenzhou Lucheng Nanhua Welding Equipment Factory"), founded in 1989, is a professional manufacturer of "coating equipment", "shoe machine equipment", automatic drying tunnel production line, assembly production line, high and low temperature series, ovens, stainless steel ovens, drying line, fuel drying box, electric drying box, spray booth, environmental spray booth, automatic painting line, dust-free workshop equipment, dust-free spray booth, painting accessories, and electrostatic units, which are widely used in automotive and motorcycle parts, shoes, handicrafts, electrical appliances and machines, and serve as essential equipment for electroplating, electrophoresis, plastic spraying industry. Service hotline:

The Company receives good credits from users. With the social and technological development, the Company keeps developing advanced products and sincerely serves its users.

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