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1800T Tee Cold Forming Machine 168-355
2000T Elbow Cold Forming Machine 355-630
Elbow chamfering machine
Actual record of mechanical equipment

As more than 20 Years of manufacture pipe fitting, we get enough experience.

And all the machine we manufacture by ourselves.

Want start manufacture pipe fitting by yourself?

Choose us is right decision.

We can supply:

Tee Machine(1"-24")

Elbow Machine(1"-24")

Reducer Machine

Beveling Machine

Flange manufacture Line

SMC Press

Brake Brock Machine

We also supply machine which need during the manufacture pipe fitting:

1--Pipe cutting machine

2-Weld machine

3-Polish machine(Inside polish and Outside Polish)


5-CNC Lathe

What we can supply is not only the machine, but also the technical support.

Every step of manufacture pipe fitting you can get a clear understand and
after training, you can manufacture the best quality pipe fitting.

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