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Founded in 1990, on the basis of hard work, BOJIANG is a passionate and long-established, China-based company supplying high quality SS Stub end and SS pipe fitting. Bojiang was founded 25 years ago and has remained a family business ever since. The solid foundation based on continuity, efficiency, hard work and steady growth guarantees a reliable business relationship with our clients. The constant innovations and new solutions brought to the industry represent Bojiang's values and have set its trajectory since the beginning. Bojiang's commitment to quality built the good reputation and represented this company since 1990.
We have dedicated ourselves to serving our customers with the utmost attention to detail and dedication to quality, having beside us the right people and only the best quality materials and products available at each and every moment in order to satisfy even the most complex and demanding needs that may occur in the projects we are a part of.
Bojiang keeps improving and developing a quality system so as to ensure a continuous growth, working to create new products and improve existing ones. Creativity is what feeds our hard work and results.
Bojiang offers a wide range of products that fit the international quality standards for SS stub end and pipe ftting.And can be the partner you have been looking for when having to deal with developing challenging individual solutions that require experience, flexibility and expertise. We are proud to say that BOJIANG is the manufacturer with the most comprehensive collection of products and materials and dimensional range on the market and we guarantee accuracy and precision in each and every one of our products.
Through hard work and innovation Bojiang sets international quality standards for SS stub end. Using only high technological expertise and careful preparation all Bojiang products honour technical requirements, certification and high quality standards that have been set for this industry.
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