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International Quality Standards

Post: 2019-02-25
The design layout of the coating equipment is good or bad. If the coating equipment is not properly laid out, even if each single piece of equipment is made well, the entire coating production line is not easy to use. What should I pay attention to when painting equipment operation?

First, when we are painting the equipment workshop, the passage does not eliminate the facilities that wear the wind, and the facilities that prevent the fire from spreading, such as automatic fire doors, fire and smoke prevention baffles, etc., we need to prepare for fire safety to prevent the falling of objects. Cause some harm.

Second, in the working area of the painting equipment, there should be no stacking equipment, objects and wires crossing the pedestrian passage. The width of the passage should be no less than 1m. The process of using toxic, irritating and flammable substances should be placed. Personal protective equipment and fire fighting equipment are available in separate plants.

Third, after the use of painting equipment, excess paint and waste paint should be stored in a dedicated paint warehouse.

Fourth, we must also do the relevant environmental protection measures, where the solvent is relatively volatile, we must collect the gas to prevent the spread of toxic gases.

When we are working on painting equipment, we should pay more attention to the precautions shared by the above. It is most important to use the painting equipment correctly.

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